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Skyhook Counseling Center is a unique clinic that provides mental health treatment

for children, adolescents, and adults. Our goal is to enhance well-being and resilience through movement aimed at developing emotional and body intelligence

while integrating body, mind, and spirit.


Our thoughtfully designed and custom built clinic space (with full access to a Ninja Warrior gym), provides clients the opportunity to challenge both their real and perceived physical, mental, and emotional obstacles. Because human emotions are stored in the body, they affect both our mental and emotional states. Our environment is ideal for stimulating the neuromuscular system, which once activated has the potential of creating an increased integration between mind and body. This consolidation can lead to greater awareness, regulation, and a positive sense of well-being...

impacting the capacity for change in many areas of one's life.

Interested in Our Services?

Please complete our Client Inquiry & Pre-Screening Form and we will reach out to you!

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