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Therapy at Skyhook Counseling Center 

Research shows that when the body is challenged in carefully managed movement, the mind opens to an increased expression of feelings and thoughts. While the physical body is in a heightened sense of excitement, there is more room for curiosity within the therapeutic relationship. This allows for self-exploration, which can facilitate the client and the therapist to work through present and historical issues. The resolution of traumas, losses, and more can lead to renewed energy that can be better spent on life in the here and now. The client can be freed up to have more genuine and positive relationships with family members, peers and the world at large!


Skyhook Counseling Center therapists use state-of-the-art equipment in our private clinic space with access to an additional 12,000 square foot gym facility to design therapeutic activities that address mental health issues through fun and stimulating play. Therapy at Skyhook Counseling Center is designed to create experiences that are engaging for the individual’s sensory system. We are a team that works collaboratively with you by exploring the mind-body connection to support making sense of your unique lived experience.

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